Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A car, a GPS, and all the free time in the world... 'til rush hour traffic!

So today was the first full day of me being completely detached from everyone.  No Brice, no Subin, no Tina, just me, my car, and the GPS.  I was left to my own devices (literally) and had the choice to go anywhere I wanted...  So I went in and around San Jose and Cupertino.

In San Jose, I went off to:

Santana Row- AWESOME!!!  Cool shops, friendly staff, great restaurants!!!

Westerfield Valley Fair Mall- Gigantic mall of stuff... crazy

Apple Computers-Yes, at Infinity Loop...  Birthplace of the ipod and iphone (costing you all your imoney)

Whole Foods-  One of the biggest ones on California if not the west coast!

Baja Fresh-  MMMMM...  carnita burritos!!!  WAAAAAAYYY better than Taco Bell!

Oh, I also returned BACK to Santana Row to go to eat Inidan food at Amber.

It was very fun to just go out and about, being completely random, and having no agenda.

Here's the picture rundown:

1.  Me in front of some Christmas decorations at Santana Row
2.  The last time that poor coffee Creme Brule was seen.... yum!
3.  Whole Foods in Cupertino- gigantic!
4.  A Symantec building
5.  Apple Computers at Infinity Loop.  I would have taken more pics, but I was getting freaked out by seeing so many other workers looking at me!
6.  One of the condos above the shops and restaurants at Santana Row
7.  A cool fountain at Santana Row
8.  A chess set at Santana Row.

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