Friday, October 31, 2008

The first 24 hours on vacation!!






Hello everyone...

I'm writing from semi-sunny California! It's been a pretty cazy whirlwind tour in the past 24, so let's just start from the top...

The plane ride was fun. First class really IS the way to go... Despite the increased leg room, better service, and "free food", it doesn't MAKE you sleep. And for that reason, I spend a sleepless night tossing and turning. Not fun in the least. But alas, I made it safely to Los Angeles!

Getting into LA was easy, driving around has proved to be pretty crazy. The driving is fast and furious. I'm a little (or a lot) stressed out because of it.
Thanks to Dustin and my Brice, I got to see a few things here and there... so here are a few pictures (see above):
1. Inn n Out Burger: No, I didn;t get the double double, just a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate shake... mmmm.
2. Some cool stairway in downtown LA: Stairs with an accompanying waterfall... NEAT!
3. Inside the Downtown Los Angeles Public Library: Hanging through the library. Very big, neat looking stuff...
4. Outside of the library: More waterfalls headed out of these building, all very cool, but don't they know it's BAD feng shui?
5. Big statue outside of another downtown building: Look familiar? Watch Heroes? That's the place of the final fight in season one!!! Looks weird even up close, kinda like the COBRA insignia.!
So yeah, hopefully I can do this everyday... more pictures do be shot tonight!

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