Saturday, November 8, 2008

Leaving San Jose, back to LA and onto Hermosa Beach...

Begrudgingly, I left San Jose/ Sunnyvale... I really did enjoy myself when I was up there! It's a little faster paced than Hawaii, but much, much more laid back than Los Angeles.
The ride back to Los Angeles was a quick one... Gettng into LA took roughly 4 and a half hours... it took another 20 minutes to get off the 101 to get to Brice's place downtown. I was the "dickhead" LA driver incarnate while driving down. I really just wanted to get back to LA. Oddly enough, while I was driving back, I stopped for gas at the Santa Clara Costco and met a guy from!
Once I got in, Brice wasted no time go get me reacquainted with the LA nightlife... we headed out to a downtown club to have some happy hour drinks (picture 3). While there, we decided to go to Hermosa Beach after I gave up my rental car (sad!).
Hermosa Beach was crowded and really fun. Lots of people, a whole grip of clubs and bars for the over 21 set to hang out at... We headed out to 2 places, the Union Cattle Club (picture 5) and Sangria (picture 1) and walked all the way out on the pier (picture 2). There was a "Hawaii" place (picture 4) that threw me off.
We had fun last night... met a couple of girls, had a few more drinks... a typical day on the vaca!

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