Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Hangover... Pre, During, and Post!

Well, I'm back. I was unable to post yesterday because I was unable to maintain uprightness due to a little too much celebrating Halloween... and by a little, I mean a WHOLE lotta vodka. We were able to go to two parties that night both of which provided free alcohol!!! (I am on vacation, so I am able to go a little crazy, but if you can infer from my previous two sentences, I went crazy, crazy!)

But I was able to take a couple of pictures before the party, a couple of shots during the party, and very little else.

So here's the shot list (Not sure what's going on here with the pictures, but they should be semi-self explanatory:

1. At the Halloween Party: Su (Nurse), Brice (Doctor), Lynn (Pirate), and Dan (another Pirate). No pics of me, I didn't really dress up, unless you count some sparkly devil horns...lame, I know.

2. A water thing at the mall that we went to. Very cool

3. Pinkberry: Heard the hype, had to try it. If you like tangy yogurt, not so much TCBY more so frozen version of Yoplait, this is for you. Tasty, a little pricey, but hey, I'm on vacation!!!

4. & 5. The Disney Concert Hall: A very large, shiny building. I was looking to see where they built the Disney ears into the design, but I couldn't see it. Oh well....

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