Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ka Hale Ola Fantasy Hoops- Draft Recap

I'm glad that we were able to get a few people to sign up for our draft. In hindsight, I realized that it was way too last minute, but it was fun nonetheless. We've got two of us LMTs (Aran & Katie) against the other six people in the league. The winner of the league gets a 3 pack of free massages!!! Good deal for no work at all!!!

I'm thinking about starting up a baseball and football league in the upcoming year, so stay tuned for that as well.

With my other league with my high school and college friends, I usually do a draft recap assessing the team's strengths and weaknesses. However with such a small league (8 teams), it'll probably be a free for all and we'll just beat each other up throughout the year (head to head). But what I'll do is pick apart my own team!

  • Round 1: Kevin Garnett- He's a personal favorite. There are better, more productive players out there (Kobe, Marion, Dirk, Arenas), but you usually take who you like AND are good, so he's it.
  • Round 2: Chris Bosh- I hardly get to pick this guy. If a fan of the multi faceted big man in basketball, and he fits the bill.
  • Round 3: Dwight Howard- Another favorite of mine due to his youth, skills, and mad upside. And he dunks REALLY hard!
  • Round 4: Joe Johnson- He's a tall SG that does it all.
  • Round 5: Tracy McGrady- See Joe Johnson. And he's on my other team, so this way I cheer for him all around.
  • Round 6: Mo Williams- Needed a PG, that's about it.
  • Round 7: Lamar Odom- Another favorite cause he's tall and does it all. But he gets hurt a lot, which sucks.
  • Round 8: Randy Foye- Kinda went sideways here, liked the upside, already injured, may get dropped soon.
  • Round 9: Andrea Bargnani- Big man, shoots, young, talented. Fits the team theme.
  • Round 10: Rajon Rondo- I like Jason Kidd. Jason Kidd can't shoot. Neither can Rondo. But both do everything else. And I like that!
  • Round 11: Andrew Bogut- Needed a center, he was there, took him.
  • Round 12: Darko Milicic- See Andrew Bogut. And really, his name is DARKO!!!
  • Round 13: Stephon Marbury- I really do hate this guy, but I needed another PG.
  • Round 14: Luis Scola (became Boris Diaw)- Diaw looked good 2 years ago, maybe he can do it again... or not.
  • Round 15: Elton Brand (became Devin Harris)- Brand wasn't coming back any time soon, or at all, Harris is a PG with upside, but again, no jumper.

So I have a Rondo, Darko, and Boris on my team... really what other names could beat that!?!? My team is decent for an eight team league, but it could be better. I'm a tinkerer so I think I'll make the playoffs (6 teams make it). Will I win it... you never know!

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