Monday, December 3, 2007

College football at its finest...

What can you say about the Hawaii vs. Washington game but "WHEW...".

I was having dinner when the game started. I was with Cindy at Macaroni Grill having dinner and was very much looking forward to catching the rest of the game at a friend's house. Throughout the meal, I would hear smatterings of cheers followed by a couple of boos, so I was thinking the first quarter was close, with UW leading, something around 14-7. When the check finally came, I asked the server what the score was.

"21-0, near the end of the first quarter..."

So ended my thoughts of going to my friend's house. Why watch a slaughter and the end of what would have been UH's best season, right? So I called my friend and said I'd meet up with him later if they did something and proceeded to go back home.

When I got home, I decided that I would have to watch for myself the debacle that would take place. But then the turn around happened...

Hawaii got it back to 21-7 and I thought things were looking like a run was going to happen. Instead, UW ran it back at UH and scored another TD, making it 28-7. It was disgusting, I wanted to turn it off. I went on the computer to IM some friends and try to get my mind off the game.


Ok, closer, but not THAT close...

28-21... The catch in the corner that was called out of bounds... REFS WERE BLIND, but they reversed it, so that's all that really mattered!

Better, but we're still down and they're dominating the line offensively against Hawaii's smaller D Line.

28-28... The bomb to Rivers. It was a thing of beauty to see Colt put it up and drop it right there.

Oh, I went nuts! All square going into the last 4 minutes! That's all you could have hoped for after the atrocious start to the game.

Then UH went on a drive with their season on the line. Short quick passes and a run sprinkled in there for good measure. Colt was a surgeon out there, running the offense with unmatched timing and precision. And finally the pass to the right to Ryan Grice-Mullen....

35-28. The comeback was complete, but there was till time on the clock for UW to do something....

A nice return followed by a pass play got the Huskies to the UH 20 yard line. With just a few ticks left on the clock, Jake Locker threw a pass to the corner of the endzone which was deflected and intercepted by Ryan Mouton!!!


Fast forward to Sunday, when Hawaii finds out they will be headed off to New Orleans, Louisiana to play Georgia in the Sugar Bowl!!!

But the ride isn't over yet. While it's nice to have been invited to the big dance, Cinderella needs to win it to get the recognition they deserve.

And while that's all well and good....

My Alma mater, Oregon State, defeated our sworn enemies the Ducks of the University of Oregon in our Civil War... AGAIN!!!

So to celebrate these terrific achievements... From now until December 15th if you went to this game (or any UH game for that matter, bring in your ticket stub and get $10 off your next massage. Or if you attended Oregon state for any length of time, prove that you did , and YOU'LL get $10 off too! Crazy, I know.... but come in!

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