Saturday, January 17, 2009

Massage, Bodywork & You, Ep. 001: What They Do

Welcome to our first installment of Massage, Bodywork & You!

Rolando and I love our profession and want to share our knowledge with others. The goals of our podcast are to:

  • Give you a real world perspective about massage: Who we are… What we do… and most importantly, how massage can benefit you!
  • To dispel myths and misconceptions the public may have about massage and make it accessible to everyone
  • To answer any other questions you may have regarding massage, bodywork, or the business itself.

And hopefully try to entertain you along the way!

If you do have questions, comments, or other ideas, please send them to

In our first EVER episode!!! Rolando and I discuss what the typical training a massage therapist receives, our credentialing, and other licensure & certification issues.

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